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Better Video.
Better Sound.
Better Live Events.

Webcasting solutions for hybrid and virtual events.

Captivate a wider audience with fully produced live events.

Your next event will keep building buzz long after the curtain drops because Vx by LEMG gives you the tech, the tools, and the professionals to plan, host, and produce next-level virtual events.

Use our Vx services to transform your meetings, conferences, fundraising galas, concerts, and more into virtual events. Or extend your reach by adding a virtual component to your next in-person event.

Our virtual conference platform gives your guests a high-end event experience that includes:

Production Team


Full AV &
Technical Support




Project Manager

Vx by LEMG Webcasting Solutions

With three tiers of service to fulfill your virtual event production needs, you’ll wow your remote attendees every step of the way.

Participant (Max)
Technical Support
Professional Production
Dedicated Project Manager
Content Control
Live Streaming
4K Video Quality
Registration Integration
Multiple “Rooms”
Breakout “Rooms”
Group and Private Chat
Video On Demand (VOD)
Simulated Live
Multi Day Events
Concurrent Sessions
Exhibit Booths
Viewer watch pages
Sponsorship Opportunities
Real Time Dynamic Changes
3rd Party Integration
Multi Language Tracks
Staggered Start Times by Time Zone
Biography Tool
* Depending on your platform (i.e. Zoom, Webex, Blue Jeans, YouTube, Facebook etc.) and subscription
A seamless livestreaming experience for your live event
Bring your own
Depends on platform

Depends on platform
A templated virtual environment that can be tailored for your audience
Vx by LEMG
Up to 1,000,000
Fully customizable features give you full control over every aspect of your live event and webcast
Vx by LEMG
Up to 1,000,000


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IMAGINE being able to plan and host live events — like you always used to.

IMAGINE webcasting fundraising galas from the comfort of your home office.

IMAGINE being confident that your virtual conference platform can create a hybrid event remote users will love.

Vx by LEMG has the power to change everything you’ve ever known about events…and make them better with a virtual event solution.
Vx by LEMG is a complete virtual experience built with the end-user (your audience) in mind, combined with professional audio visual production services.

You might say virtual event production has been coming for a while. Well, it’s here NOW. At LEMG, we’ve been producing live events for corporations, nonprofits and other organizations for over 10 years. Everything from site planning and event design, to day-of management –lighting, sound, video, projection and more. We even handle your staging, decor, and some of your onsite staff, like show producers and technicians.

Now, we’re adding virtual event production company to our resume.

Meet Vx by LEMG.

With our new webcasting solution, you can REALLY drive connection.
You can extend the reach of your live events with a live webcast.
You can set up your business — and your events — for the best success yet.

Whether your event is completely online or you are creating a hybrid event that combines an in-person experience with a webcasting component, Vx by LEMG can help you achieve your biggest wins yet. Book a demo to find out how.