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Verse and Vino

Take your live event to the next level with our Vx Custom webcasting service.

Vx Custom is packed with fully customizable webcasting features and a game-changing watch page that gives you full control over every aspect of your live event.

Dynamic and interactive virtual platform

Greater control over audience actions

Access powerful analytics

A fully customized experience that ensures everyone keeps talking

Dynamic watch
page design

Static pages are so last year. Our interactive elements, graphics, and information that changes with your event give your guests a unique experience for each moment.

Never miss
a thing

We engineer our webcasting platform with interactive features that allow your guests to engage and participate even when they’re watching in full-screen mode.


Secure your

Vx by LEMG features ticketing and registration integrations that let you control who attends your event and how they access your stream, giving you the power to monetize your content from day 1.


Video on
Demand (VOD)

You can make your content available to watch almost as soon as it airs. Let your audience see what’s trending, watch a full replay, or divide your content up to ensure that no one misses your key messages!


Maximize your event and expand your reach by using archived content for social media, creating marketing materials, developing a course, or even rebroadcasting for those who were not able to attend live.


Create better events with deep and powerful analytics to find out who’s watching, when they’re most engaged, and what devices they use to improve your content every time.

How does Vx Custom work?

The world— or in this case, your next event— is your oyster with Vx Custom. We can customize every aspect of your audience’s experience from the time they join your event to well-after they sign off to truly bring your webcast to life. In addition to the professional audio visual production services we are well-known for, our brand-new VX by LEMG platform reimagines everything about online events. You tell us about your event, we help you make it into reality. Stop worrying about technical difficulties, equipment specifications, or managing production, and put on your best event yet.

Why should I choose Vx by LEMG as my virtual event production company?

LEMG has been producing live events for over a decade, including adding webcasting components to in-person events. Our collective experience in audio visual production lends itself well to virtual event production. When you work with our team, you get a dedicated project manager as well as our in-house production team to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Plus, we can help you set up everything from stages to lighting and sound.

Can I really customize EVERYTHING with the Vx Custom virtual conference platform?

In short, yes. If you can dream it, short of teleportation, we’ll find a way to build it. We can control everything from colors and branding to guiding your guests to take specific actions at specific times. Your event is unique, so your clients should get a unique experience, too. Plus, we can help you set up everything from stages to lighting and sound.

What makes your webcasting services the best?

We are known for the quality of our service and our production, and have worked with a wide range of clients both big and small. That means we’ve got the technical expertise and know-how to give you the audio visual production services that will wow your audience from start to finish.

Here’s to Happy Clients.

“Live Events Media Group has provided lighting, sound, and program production at the Convention Center for Verse & Vino. This year they made a huge shift to create virtual platforms like the solution we used for the online only Verse & Vino event. I am not sure what we would’ve done without them.”

Jenni Gaisbauer, CFRE | Executive Director
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation | Main Library


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